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Work with us in LASh business

We are looking for people willing to cooperate with Vakker Doll brand. Would You like to learn something new and make money? Be independed? Work in peace and stable enviroment?
We open a network of Home Beauty Salons - Vakker Doll throughout Norway. We show how to start, we train in the field of eyelash extension, we deliver products to work, we help in establishing and running a simple one-person business. It is not difficult! Just give it a try! The effects we know and got to know on "own skin".
For 2 years of cooperation you will gain prestige and 100% financial independence.
Show up!







What we offer:
Fast rate of return

* Ready business model
* Independence

* Know how
* Membership in the marketing and promotional zone "Vakker Doll" - beeing part of
* Reservation system
* Payment system
* Specialized training
* Opportunity to earn between NOK 20 and 50,000. monthly
* Relatively small investment
* Running finances (settlements and accounting)

* If you are interested in the cosmetic industry
* You want to be independent
* You are accurate and precise
* You want to learn
* You are not afraid of new challenges
* If you can cooperate with others

* Have peaceful place at home for lash bed
* You speak Norwegian and / or English

We give You great opportunity to start Your own business with full time support.

Vakker Doll cannot wait to meet You!! <3

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